Rejean Gosselin

Rejean Gosselin graduated from Laval University in 1979 with a M.Sc. in Geology. He has worked as a consulting geologist on uranium, gold and base metals mining exploration projects in Canada, United States, and South America since 1979. For the past 35 years, Rejean acted as founder and promoter of numerous junior mining companies exploring for different commodities in Canada, West Africa, and Mexico. Rejean is responsible for gold, NiCuPGE and ZnCu discoveries in Canada and Mexico. Recent involvements include Dia Bras Exploration as President and CEO from 2003 to 2008 and most recently as Chairman of the Board of Maya Gold and Silver.

Anthony D. Frizelle

Anthony Frizelle, previously held the position of Managing Director at Resource Management & Finance Co. Ltd. (“RM&F”), now RMF (UK) Limited (“RMF”).  The London based advisory company assists groups of specialist companies actively developing or investing in natural resource opportunities in the mining and oil and gas sectors.

Prior to establishing RM&F, Anthony was a founding shareholder and CEO of a Canadian resource merchant bank. He has had extensive international business experience in finance, marketing and development of mineral resources having worked in a senior capacity with the Phibro-Salomon Group, Anglo American and Rand Mines. He has launched and listed resource companies quoted on AIM and the Canadian markets, and acted as an advisor for major international resource groups.