Genius Metals Inc.’s goal is to create long-term value in the mining exploration, mineral resources extraction and metal production activities. We work in collaboration with all stakeholders in order to make sure that the principles of transparency and responsibility are respected in all our activities.

Our approach to health and security, environment and communities is central to our activities and is a part of our business model. We undertake to establish practices to achieve the following objectives of sustainable development:


Uphold ethical business practices, employ management systems which assess risks and identify appropriate mitigation strategies.

Health and Safety

Ensure that the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities is not compromised by our activities. Wherever possible, seek to improve their health and well-being through defined programs.


Minimize the negative effects of our operations to the environment, use resources efficiently in our activities and undertake to improve the environmental systems and procedures.

Human Rights

Uphold universally recognized human rights within our sphere of influence. Treat people with fairness, dignity and respect.


Engage opening and actively with local communities in order to understand their views and work in partnership with them to create a sustainable environment. Establish employment and community and social development programs to sustainably improve their living standards.


Report to the Board of Directors and to the public, when required, regarding the performance and our progress towards the sustainable development objectives.