The A Lake property is located in southern New Brunswick and is made of seven claims containing 118 units covering 28.6 km2. The property lies within the Late Devonian Mount Douglas Granite (MDG) which exposes a suite of peraluminous leucogranites that form the eastern part of the Saint George Batholith. Mineralization at A Lake consists of  endogranitic Sn, W, Mo, Bi, Cu, and Zn occurrences in oxide and sulfide mineralized zones associated with greisens and sheeted veins.

Over the last 2 years, Genius Metals completed several exploration campaigns that include glacial boulder sampling revealing significant SnO2 (0.1-1.27 %), Cu (0.12-7.96 %), Pb (0.26-1.43 %), Zn (0.1 to > 1%), Ag (23-100 ppm) and Mo (1990-2880 ppm) concentrations. A VTEM survey flown over the property indicated E-W-oriented zones of moderate to high magnetic areas associated with greisen boulders and outcrops. Heavy Mineral Concentrates (HMC) form till material (C horizon) contained an abundance of topaz mineral, a gangue material of Sn, W, Mo mineralized zones, and the occurrence of cassiterite (Sn), wolframite (W) and molybdenite (Mo) grains suggesting a proximal mineralized body. A recent IP resistivity survey revealed several chargeability anomalies correlated with high elevation sites, positive magnetic anomalies obtained via the VTEM survey and outcrops with known mineralized greisens.

Cu mineralization, Mount Douglas Granit (Sample 320801)