Localization map of the Meaghers Property
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  • 243 claims covering an area of 39.3km², 100%-held by Genius Metals, No NSR
  • The property is located in South-Central Nova Scotia within the Halifax County, 39 km NE of the Halifax-Dartmouth conglomeration
  • The Meaghers Property is located < 10 km from Atlantic Gold’s Touquoy Mine own by Altlantic Gold (Total Measured and Indicated Reserves of 10.1 Mt @ 1.48 g/t Au (479,000 oz.); Staples et al., 2018). The property reveals similar geological and structural characteristics to that of the Touquoy Mine, such as exposures of the gold-bearing Goldenville Formation, the presence of warped and folded anticlines and a comparable magnetic signature.
  • The Meaghers property reveals Au-As prospects, several DDH sunk for Au-Pb-Zn, two abandoned pits in the vicinity and on strike with a discrete magnetic anomaly associated with Atlantic four gold mines. This suggest the mineralized zones are still present on the property.


The Meaghers property forms part of the Meguma Terrane of southeastern Nova Scotia. It is underlain by folded Cambro-Ordovician age sedimentary sequences of the Meguma Group and extensive areas of Mid-Devonian granitoids. These Lower Paleozoic metasedimentary rocks (Meguma Group), folded into long EW-trending, doubly plunging folds were regionally metamorphosed to greenschist and locally to amphibolite facies during the Devonian Acadian Orogeny (ca. 400 Ma). The Meguma Group consists of the Cambrian Goldenville Formation metagreywackes, which are approximately 6.7 km thick and is conformably overlain by black slates of the Halifax Formation. Gold mining in Nova Scotia within the Goldenville Formation (ex; the Moose River Gold District) takes place in quartz veins, typically associated with the limbs and hinges of anticlines. Current mining operation by Atlantic Gold at the Touquoy Mine occurs <10 km from Genius Metals’ Meaghers property and confirm the extensive gold mineralization in the Goldenville Formation associated with the Moose River–Fifteen Mile Stream Anticline which extends along a WSW-ESE corridor throughout the Meaghers property.

2018-2019 Exploration Program

Starting mid-July 2018, CDPR began exploration work on Meaghers. The work consisted of prospecting, geological mapping and rock sampling to generate exploration targets on which to focus more detailed work, such as channel sampling, trenching and geophysics. The objective was to evaluate the gold potential of the Goldenville Formation exposed in the Meaghers property near the contact with Atlantic Gold’s mining claims.

Genius is currently planning a drilling program for spring 2019.