Localization map of the Robelin Property


  • 78 claims totaling 36 km2 situated 85 km ESE from the town of Kuujjuaq, held-100% by Genius, No NSR
  • Located in the northwestern Labrador Through
  • The property is covered by a large magnetic anomaly. This magnetic anomaly is situated at the contact between volcanic and sedimentary rocks which has been traced over a distance of 500 m
  • Contains or is surrounded by more than 50 zinc, copper, silver, nickel, palladium, platinum and gold showings. 
  • Several mineral showings were uncovered on the property (including the Boylen showing) where pyrite, pyrrhotite, graphite, magnetite, chalcopyrite and sphalerite were found with results of up to 5 g/t gold and 1.1 % Zn. 


The northern segment of the Labrador Through is subdivided into four lithotectonic zones one of which, the Baby zone, underlies the property. The exposed rocks belong to the second volcanosedimentary cycle within the Baby zone. The property straddles part of the western Gerido and Mélèzes domains of the Baby zone which are separated by the Robelin fault. East of the fault, silicate iron formations, pyritic graphitic shales or sulfide facies iron formations, phyllitic sediments (Baby Fm), minor basalts/sericite schists (Hellancourt Fm) and gabbros (Montagnais Sills) occur in a series of folds and thrusts. Mineralization encountered on the Robelin property is classified into exhalative Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag-bearing massive sulfides in graphitic mudstones.