Localization Map of the Sakami Gold Property
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  • The Sakami property consists of 364 mineral claims covering 18,726 hectares (187.2 km2).  100%-held by Genius,
  • Access to the property is via the Trans-Taiga road by truck and on Sakami Lake by boat to reach summer fly camps.
  • The property straddles the contact between the Opinaca and La Grande geological sub-provinces over a distance of 35 km in the James Bay territory. Goldcorp’s Eleonore Mine (7.85 million ounces of gold) is located near the southern Opinaca-La Grande structural contact.  
  • North of the Sakami property, the Osisko-James Bay Zone 32 carries a historical resource of 4.2 Mt at 2.1 g/t Au and 0.2 % Cu (310,000 ounces of gold).  
  • Limited exploration was carried out on the Sakami property, yet two potential areas have been identified by assaying grab samples providing gold results of up to 2 g/t Au 


The Sakami property, located in the James Bay area of the Province of Quebec, straddles the structural contact between the Opinaca and La Grande Archean subprovinces which exposes a significant number of gold showings related to sulphide-rich quartz veins in iron formations and shear zones. The Sakami property displays diverse lithologies showing signs of alteration and/or gold mineralization (Au =1 to 5 g/t) principally associated with mylonitic or sheared zones.  

Exploration Program 

During the 2017 fall exploration campaign Genius Properties conducted a ground-based PP, EM-VLF and magnetometric surveys along a 34 km grid on the South Block of its Sakami property located in the James Bay area, Quebec. The geophysical surveys were accompanied by the collection of humus and soil samples, the latter being analyzed for 53 elements using the Mobile Metal Ions (MMI) technology. Several grab samples were also gathered for precious and base metal determination. 

Alternatively, significant gold mineralized samples with values greater than 100 ppb occurred in the northeastern Sipanikaw sectors of the property principally in sheared or mylonitized hydrothermally altered (pyritized, sericitized) metavolcanic rocks and in iron formation. 

In 2018-2019, a magnetometric and IP ground survey was carried out by Genius Metals on part of the northeastern segment of the property. The (TMI) and First Vertical Derivative (FVD) contour maps revealed the continuous extent of an iron formation at the faulted contact of the Opinaca and La Grande sub-provinces. The moderate intensity of the signal suggested the magnetism is related to the presence of pyrrhotite rather than magnetite and the occurrence of a silicate-facies iron formation. The magnetic troughs suggest interstratification with non-magnetic metasediments (cherts, siltstones). The iron formation is tied to a strong chargeability anomaly and is associated with a succession of resistive levels probably related to chert layers. Therefore, the low resistivity, moderate magnetism and high chargeability characterizing the iron formation are ascribed to the presence of massive to disseminated sulfides (pyrrhotite, pyrite ± arsenopyrite ± chalcopyrite).

A sampling program of the Northern Sakami block was conducted during the month of October 2019. A total of 101 grab and channel samples were collected and significant gold assay results such as 1.79 and 2.55 g/t Au were obtained for gab samples associated with a mylonite (shear zone?) within basaltic rocks.

In late 2019, an heliborne TDEM-MAG survey was completed on the Northern block of the Sakami property. The survey unveiled significant km-long conductors, one of which is associated with the iron formation located at the contact of the La Grande/Opinaca sub-provinces. Genius Metals has adjusted its drilling targets based on the results of the survey.