Localization map of the Wapoos Property
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Property Summary

The Wapoos property is made up of 4 claims and is located 13 km southeast of the village of Parent which can easily be reached by the CNR railway which crosses the property from east to west. Good gravel and paved roads links Parent and the property to Val-d’Or and Montreal.


The geology of the Wapoos property area is constituted of Grenvillian charnockitic intrusive suites. The Hibbard Suite (1468±7 Ma) composed of opdalite, enderbite, charnockite, jotunite and monzodiorite is exposed on the property. It is intruded by mafic and ultramafic intrusions (gabbronorite, pyroxenite, websterite) and lenses or dykes of glimmerites (phlogopite-rich rocks) of the Suzor intrusions. The Wapoos phlogopite mineralization is associated with the Suzor intrusives. It forms a glimmerite dyke (600 m long X 60 m wide and 80 m thick. The rock is foliated, homogeneous and coarse-grained containing 35-80% of phlogopite flakes.